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Monday February 8, 2016


Member since: September 9, 2010
Last visit: September 17, 2010
Name: Ivonne
Gender: Female
Age: 40
Location: Dallas (Texas)
Country: United States
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09/09/10 @282
Hello! I'm so excited to be in the fan club from the BBeyePs!!...., I'm from Dallas andI
I hear that the Black Eye Peas are coming to town I would love to see them performing here in Dallas!..., I would love to take my girl to see them she is going to be 10 and she enjoys their music because I think is very cool and upbeat!.
She was diagnose Autistic she struggles to keep friends because of her speech disability!, your music helps me to go through my day and not thinking about my problems and so on! ... I started to learn more about Black eye peas because for some reason at my daughters school when she has Physical Education they play the Black Eye Pea music!... another thing I want to say as a parent I appreciate that there is no obscenity in your music lyrics, I really appreciate it, I watch out for my daughter's on what she wants to listen and this is fine for me as a parent!...
I also love your music it is contagious!... cannot let it go lol!....
I hope we can meet the Black eye peas someday!... please let us know when you will be coming to town!....
May god bless you!... and continue gives you blessings
god bless you all!...
Ivonne Odegard

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